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Smart Posture Corrector

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Smart Posture Corrector

Made of food grade silicone material

Lightweight and durable, soft and skin-friendly, not easy to deform, fit the human body curve, and comfortable to wear.

Vibration reminder

The built-in high-precision chip can accurately record the posture, monitor the change of the body inclination angle in real time, and vibrate to remind.

Automatic memory function

The automatic memory function can intelligently perceive incorrect postures, monitor postures in real time, and scientifically and effectively help you correct unhealthy postures such as hunched back.

Fits the body curve and is comfortable to wear

Help correct wrong body posture of the back and shoulders, improve hunchback, develop correct body posture, protect eyesight, and reshape beautiful curves.

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Best In The Market Posture Corrector You Can Find

Thanks to cell phones and long days sitting in an office chair, maintaining good posture is harder than ever. Would be nice if someone reminded you every time you hunched. At least you'd remember to straighten up for a bit. The next best thing is the Smart Posture Corrector. Just place this little device on your neck( compare to the transitional one you need to have necklace to hang it, this one requires nothing) and forget about it. When it detects you slouching for a certain amount of time, it vibrates to remind you to straighten up.  The Smart Posture reminder has three sensors to detect movement instead of one, so it's more accurate and no error reminder happened during the usage. And compare to the other similar products in the market, this device doesn't require you to clean your back and stick it on, it maintains simple and no more sticky back.


The Dangers of Prolonged Poor PostureThe Dangers of Prolonged Poor PostureThere are many dangers of having prolonged bad posture, most of which relate to physical health.Long-term issues can include:

Blog Posts

Do You Need a Posture Corrector?

Mar 26, 2022 Christine Jones

What Causes Bad Form

A lot of us start to hunch because we're working on a laptop or looking down at our phones all day. The writers at the Natural Posture explain that poor posture—sitting with your shoulders forward—causes the soft muscles in your chest to get tight, which in turn makes it feel uncomfortable to sit up straight.

Wearing a brace helps get your muscles back on track by forcing them into the correct position and making you aware of how you're sitting. But you should start slowly. The Somaz brace I tested suggested wearing it for 10 minutes a day to start, as did the Upright Go devices. It may hurt at first, but slowly retraining your muscles will make it so that sitting upright is second nature. Regular exercise can also help. No matter what, go slowly and don't overextend your body. If you have serious injury or pain, consult a physician.


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Kate Perarad

I just feel a lotmore confident

Victor Bui

Helped take at least 10years off my appearance

Richard Nguyen

Having goodposture to me...just feels better



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